Registration Level 1

IBAN:  SK85 8330 0000 0020 0196 0029


Please give to note, course fee, name and surname, fee is 250€


GDPR for F class and Dynamic shooting  Matches and trainings organized by RDA

1. You agree by your registration and payment that your following „Personal Data" :

  • name and surname

  • email address

  • passport

  • photo and video of the event

  • telephone number

you will willingly give to the organizers:  Precision rifle team RDA s.r.o, Lipová 17, Trenčín, 91105,,as "Administrators"

2. Your data will be preserved by the administrators for 3 years from the date of the permit (the date of permit is the date of registration for an event).

  • your Personal Data must be preserved for registration, recording and awarding by Administrators of the event.

  • your Personal Data must be preserved for marketing activities of Administrators, social media, webpages, information about outgoing activities.

3. You declare, that all your Persona! Data provided are true. You can decide to withdraw approval by sending us an email to an email address:

4. The administrator is using your Personal Data automatically and manually by Administrators and their Organising Team. Personal Data will be handled manually processing in the statistic system by Statistic Officers and by Marketing Team and processing by software and statistic service required for F-class and Dynamic shooting match.

5. You can always:

  • withdraw your permit

  • be informed about your Persona! Data

  • erase your Personal information

  • update your Personal Data

  • by writing an email to email address:


•At the firing line, all competitors must observe and respect instructions of the supervising range officer (RO).

•Manipulating with the rifle during a stage may only be performed with the bolt moved back or, in the case of a semiautomatic firearm, with the weapon placed into the Safe mode.

•Chambering a round or any other manipulation with the rifle outside of the firing line will result in a disqualification with no recourse to the competition fee.

•Inserting magazine , or chambering a round is only allowed at an instruction of the RO.

•At a conclusion of each stage, the competitor must open the firing bolt for inspection by an RO, and utilise a chamber flag to indicate an empty firing chamber.

•Any presence of a person in the target area must result in an immediate cessation of firing and a notification to the supervising RO.

•It is strictly prohibited to use any alcoholic drinks during the competition. A competitor under the influence will be subject to immediate disqualification.